Best Omega Limited Edition Seamaster Planet Ocean Series Watches For 007 Film UK

In 2006, viewers were treated to a James Bond prequel, Casino Royale. It was here that we were introduced to Bond as a freshly minted ’00’ agent. Its also here that we learn of his backstory – former SAS (British Special Air Services) and his choice of watch- Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Best Replica Watches UK. It might seem like a digression but it’s an important point to make as the aesthetic cues of Bond’s Planet Ocean can be traced back all the way to the first Omega Seamaster 300 (dubbed sm300 by collectors) in 1957. Highly sought after today, the SM300 was based on mil-specs provided by British Ministry of Defence and truly, these watches were supplied to their elite forces, among them the SAS.

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1957 can be considered a milestone year for Omega gold fake watches UK, as the brand was preparing to introduce “professional” watches which they defined as reliable timepieces for diving and daily use. After supplying over 100,000 watches to Allied Forces in World War II, Omega had collected a wealth of information on how to make robust water resistant and anti-magnetic watches; armed with that knowledge, they also introduced the Speedmaster.

But it’s one thing to have the knowledge of warp theory, one must also have access to materials to make a warp engine. In this case, it was Lemania who supplied James Bond Omega replica watches with the perfect chronograph movement; the 27CH12 which Omega then modified into the Cal. 321, the beating heart which powered Seamaster and Speedmaster chronographs of the day.

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That said, pre-1950s chronographs had the tendency to wear a little thicker because you needed to make a dial a little bigger to accommodate the additional tachymeter, that meant that case thickness would proportionally increase as well. But Omega’s obsession with creating a ‘professional’ watch meant figuring out how to include the soft-iron anti-magnetic inner case without adding additional thickness. In essence, watch designers had to think outside the box. Which they literally did.