Hands-On With All Three Moonshine Gold Omega Speedmasters Replica Watches For Sale UK

In 2019 luxury replica Omega introduced its new yellow gold, Moonshine gold. Consisting of 75% gold, 14% silver, 9% copper, and >1% palladium. The material differs from normal yellow gold, the 18kt version consisting of 25% copper. By using these other metals, Moonshine gold is paler than yellow gold and is said to keep its color better over time. The first watch made of Moonshine gold was the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI 50th anniversary Limited Edition in 2019. Three years later, Omega introduced two more variations in this special alloy. Meet Swiss made replica Omega’s Speedmaster Professional Master Chronometer with a solid gold dial (“Panda”) and one with a sunburst green dial and green ceramic bezel.

A trio of Moonshine Gold Omega Speedmasters
In the video, I compare these two watches to each other and the 2019 cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 50th anniversary edition in Moonshine gold. I also show you the difference between yellow gold and Moonshine gold by showing the UK AAA replica Omega Speedmaster next to a Rolex Day-Date. Although it is difficult to properly show the difference in color on screen, you will see that the use of silver and palladium in the Moonshine gold alloy has its effect. Hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing all three of these most special of Speedies in one place as much as we did!