There’s New Luxury UK Replica Omega MoonSwatch Watches Coming

If you love best Omega replica watches, and you use Instagram, there’s a good chance you saw the latest teaser post from Swatch previewing — you know it — a new MoonSwatch set to be released on March 7.

Unlike last year when the first Swiss made fake Omega MoonSwatch watches were teased online, Swatch is literally telling us what to expect on the 7th, and they’re calling it the Mission to Moonshine Gold.

This should have the antennas on high quality replica Omega watches lovers up. Surely it can’t be real gold…can it?

While we only have two days to wait for it, we’ll certainly be wondering if we have a precious metal MoonSwatch on the horizon, or if it’s simply a golden-hued Bioceramic watch. Will it look like the UK perfect replica Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 Anniversary Limited Edition watches (famously modeled after the watch given to the Apollo astronauts), or more like the Moonshine models unveiled at Omega Days last year?

While I have my fingers crossed for top Omega super clone watches with champagne dial and black subdials, I’ll just have to wait.

One word on availability: The teaser seems to indicate that the AAA Omega copy watches will not be released in markets worldwide — but rather in select Swatch locations in select cities: Paradeplatz, Zurich, Switzerland, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Tokyo, Japan, Piazza Affari, Milan, Italy, and The Royal Exchange, London, UK at varying times (6:30 PM JST in Japan, 7:00 PM CET in Switzerland and Italy, and 6:00 PM GMT in the UK). I guess the riotous lines were a bit too much last year.