Swatch & OMEGA Close Out 2023 With Final Luxury Replica Omega Moonshine Gold Moonswatches Reference UK

The Moonswatch collaboration between Swatch and renowned luxury brand OMEGA unequivocally represented one of, if not the single most hyped and hotly-anticipated horological releases in 2022. The monumental success of the initial 11 perfect replica Omega “Mission” Moonswatches watches would ultimately prompt the duo to debut a handful of followup variants over the course of 2023. And as we enter into the final week of the calendar year, the pair have decided to close out 2023 with one final special edition cheap UK fake Omega Moonswatch watches known as the Swatch x OMEGA Moonshine Gold December.

Coming on the heels of other limited edition top Omega Speedmaster replica watches that have debuted each month beginning in March of this year, the December reference is based on 2022’s Mission To Moon watch and maintains its 42mm gray-finished Bioceramic case, quartz movement, 100 feet of water resistance, Velcro strap, black triple register dial, and tachymeter scale bezel. Like the rest of the Moonshine Gold-spec Moonswatches, the December model features a seconds hand that’s been dipped in high quality Omega copy watches’ proprietary Moonshine Gold material that was first unveiled back in 2019— an 18K yellow gold alloy that’s infused with silver, copper, and palladium. Like its other Moonshine counterparts, the December model’s seconds hand was crafted during the full moon of November. 

In addition to offering stellar stability and resistance to fading, this OMEGA-exclusive 18K gold alloy also boasts a more muted, pale hue and finish compared to regular 18K yellow gold. This makes it perfect for pairing with intricate patterns and graphics, which is what Swatch and OMEGA have done for several of its 2023 Moonswatch drops. And the December Omega fake watches for sale is no different, this time sporting a winter-themed gold-dipped seconds hand adorned in a snowflake pattern — a subtle homage to the Cold Moon. What’s more, the tip of the seconds hand features an inlay that’s been painted in Super-LumiNova lume — a treatment that’s also been bestowed upon the December Moonswatch’s hour markers and minute and hour hands. 

Made in Switzerland, the Swatch x OMEGA Moonshine Gold December super clone watches wholesale is available now exclusively at select brick-and-mortar Swatch stores, with pricing set at $300.