Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Fake Watches Wholesale UK Review: Honest Thoughts After Buying One

The Swatch x OMEGA MoonSwatch transcends niches, divides watch lovers, and causes arguments on the internet, but now it’s easier to buy than ever before. At launch, it caused a fuss across Australia. Further limited editions led to long queues at the Swatch boutique in Sydney CBD this year. However, the mainline of MoonSwatches (particularly those with colour) are easier to buy than ever. So I went ahead and bought my long-time favourite top UK replica Omega MoonSwatch watches, the Mission to Saturn.

And before you even hit me with “great another MoonSwatch article, they’re so 2022”. Our data shows that the Swatch x OMEGA ‘MoonSwatch’ is still the most talked about Swiss made Omega fake watches on the planet, so I’m here to share my thoughts after paying the full price of $395 AUD.

Why I Bought a Swatch x OMEGA MoonSwatch

I was sitting at a Korean Fried Chicken joint in Sydney CBD on a cold Saturday afternoon when a burning sensation hit my right pant pocket. That awful feeling Omega replica watches online people get when they get a sudden urge to go buy another stupid thing that tells the time the same way as a mobile phone. I quickly reminded myself that this is the exact reason why Aussie millennials are stuck in a rental cycle, before walking over to the Swatch store to see if they had any MoonSwatches in stock. Tickle me pink, they did.

I’m too impulsive of a human being to turn away. The lovely people at the Swatch Store in Sydney brought out the MoonSwatches on a little tray for my partner and I to look at, but my heart was set on the Mission to Saturn. Her eye was on the Mission to Venus with the reflective sub-dials and shorter strap to fit her wrist.

Priced at $395 AUD, it’s not a cheap quartz Swatch. But it’s high quality copy Omega watches I’ve had my eye on ever since I first covered the release back in March of 2022. I think it best sums up the energy behind the entire collection, it’s fun, it’s not trying too hard to be real cheap replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches, and the Saturn sub-dial speaks to the galactic nature of the range better than any other. The colours are perfect and they encourage you to work harder on your specific outfit choice when wearing the luxury Omega super clone watches. Again, it’s not trying to be a $10,000 watch.

How Does the MoonSwatch Feel On the Wrist?

The first thing you’ll notice when you hold the MoonSwatch is the weight of the BioCeramic case. I’m going to be honest, it doesn’t feel anywhere near the price you pay for it. In a vacuum you can get better Omega replica watches wholesale for $400, I’m wearing one as I write this very review, but you have to realise it’s the look that you’re paying for when you buy a MoonSwatch. And it does look awesome.

On the wrist, the strap is a Velcro type so it feels quite bulky the first time you put it on before it eventually moulds to the shape of your wrist. Hilariously, the store assistant didn’t want my partner to “bend the strap” when she tried the best Omega fake watches on her wrist. Newsflash, it’s Velcro.

I’ll further note that it doesn’t fit particularly well under suit jackets as the strap doubles over to be secured down, but my plan is to swap it out for a Horus strap in the near future. The case back is smooth, rounded, and comfortable. And while the weight doesn’t lend itself to a feeling of ‘quality’ it is very comfortable for daily wear. Some of my friends use their Swiss movements replica Omega MoonSwatches watches for tennis and sport, and I can see why.

Does the MoonSwatch Function Well?

It’s a battery-powered quartz Swatch under the skin with an ETA movement so you’d expect it to last a lifetime. The pushers for the chronograph feel sturdy, and the hands on the sub-dial don’t bounce around, but you’re never going to impress anyone with the notchy sweeping of the second hand. Most of all, you won’t want to sleep next to it as it’s very loud 1:1 Omega fake watches. Does it tell the time? Yes.

Should You Buy the Swatch x OMEGA MoonSwatch?

The MoonSwatch is getting easier and easier to acquire. I walked into the Sydney boutique (no line) and bought the watch within five minutes of walking in the door. At the time they didn’t have the two AAA China replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches look-a-likes in stock, being the Mission to the Moon and Mission to Mercury.

Speaking of the real thing, outside of the looks, the MoonSwatch has nothing substantially in common with the real-deal perfect fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches. And that’s OK because we’re talking about one of the nerdiest and most respected watches of all time. When you talk about ‘watch collecting’ and general ‘nerdery’, Speedmaster people are on another level, and the MoonSwatch isn’t here trying to please them. I think that’s for the better because the end result is a fun collection of replica Omega watches for sale that looks great and tell the time.

As the secondary market for the MoonSwatch dies off and stock levels increase, more and more people will be able to get their hands on a MoonSwatch. You absolutely should buy one if you like the way they look, and that was a good enough reason for me.