Shanka’s Cheap 1:1 Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches UK Was A Fascination Decades In The Making

While growing up in Sri Lanka and Australia, Shanka gravitated towards watches made for adventure, and none more so than the perfect Omega Speedmaster replica watches.

Shanka has been a reader for many years. Since he and I both live in Australia, I had the privilege to meet him in person over a coffee mere meters from the ocean. One of the best things about this hobby is getting to meet people from all different walks of life.

It all starts with a vintage wall clock

Shanka’s AAA UK Omega fake watches journey started when he was a kid growing up in Sri Lanka. “As a kid, I always had a fascination for mechanical things and trying to understand how things worked. Looking back, I had more fun opening up my toy robots and RC cars to see how they worked than actually playing with them, pretty much driving my parents mad.

“One of my earliest childhood memories was of being absolutely captivated by a clock. I used to spend my school holidays at my grandmother’s home in the countryside in Sri Lanka. She had this great big wall clock with a striking hour and pendulum, and if I looked closely enough, I could peek into the mechanical gears moving inside,” he said.

Shanka’s first watches

Despite his interest in mechanical objects, Shanka’s first watch was a Casio. “My first watch was a Casio F-91W, like many kids who grew up in the early ’90s. After that came a Casio G-Shock DW-5000, which got me through high school. Also being very nostalgic, I bought the 25th-anniversary edition as the original came out in my birth year (1983), and I still wear it from time to time. Anyway, I don’t think that boy ever grew up because I still am fascinated by how things work. Best replica Omega watches captivate me from the pure craftsmanship perspective but also due to their intricate and mechanical nature,” he said.

In 2000, Shanka moved to Australia. It was here that his passion for mechanical luxury Omega copy watches started to grow from that initial curiosity as a child. “I started playing around with ‘real’ mechanical watches when I was first moved to Sydney back in 2000… I was still pretty young. In fact, I really had no idea back then, and I tended to gravitate towards Seikos, which were also the only watches I could afford at the time. Anyway, I remember walking into a watchmaker in the Sydney CBD, getting a quote of $200 to fix my Seiko, and being floored because that was almost all I earned in my casual job. I had to save up for a month to get that watch serviced,” he said.

Bitten by the watch bug

Nevertheless, the costs of servicing mechanical Swiss movements replica Omega watches did not dissuade Shanka. In fact, he’d been bitten by the watch bug. “My first big-boy watch was a vintage Omega Genève with a blue dial. I wore the heck out of it for a few years. I also wore it when most of my friends were wearing chunky G-Shocks and fashion brands. Although it was only about 34mm and wore like a ladies’ watch, I absolutely loved it because it was different from what everyone else wore. Also, underneath it all was a piece of mechanical engineering that, at the time, no one else could appreciate except me.

“I’m always looking for my next watch, but my current rotation is mainly a CWC RN Diver automatic, Panerai Radiomir 512, Omega Seamaster 300M 2531.80, a Zenith Rainbow Flyback, and, of course, a Speedy. Over the years, I have dabbled a lot in vintage watches but have also tried consolidating them down to only a handful. At the moment, my most prized vintage pieces are a Heuer Autavia 11036 and a stunning Omega Seamaster 176.004 that has a lot of sentimental value as it was my late uncle’s.”

Shanka’s fascination with the Omega Speedmaster

One thing that remained with Shanka on his journey into the watch hobby, though, was a fascination with and love for the top China Omega Speedmaster fake watches. This passion is partly what led him to Fratello. As you know, Fratello has become a hub for Speedmaster enthusiasts as founder RJ is a Speedmaster collector and the “instigator” of Speedy Tuesday.

“The Omega Speedmaster was always a grail for me growing up. Space travel and science fiction took up a lot of my brain capacity as a kid growing up in the ’80s. The more I read and dug deeper into the first Moon landing, I got hooked on the idea of growing up to be an astronaut, again, pretty much like every other kid my age. The first pictures I would have seen of an Omega Speedmaster super clone watches shop would have been from the Moon landing articles or Omega ads in LIFE Magazine (my dad used to read them and would have a stack of old magazines at home). This must have been when the association was burnt into my psyche,” Shanka explained.

Owning a new Speedmaster manages to provide a watch icon with a vintage design and the advantages of modern build quality, Shanka told me. “Vintage watches always had more appeal to me than modern watches because they had more character. The only downside was that they didn’t suit my active lifestyle very well, so I was always a little worried about them. I was always mindful to take a vintage watch off when I was playing sports, swimming, and so on, whereas modern watches didn’t get the same level of attention.”

An Omega Speedmaster to celebrate a life milestone

It was a special birthday, and what that year symbolized for Shanka finally led to the purchase of his very own Swiss made replica Omega Speedmaster watches. “Although I always admired the watch from a distance, I never felt I quite deserved the Speedy until I told myself that I would get one for my 40th. I couldn’t be happier now with my 3861, which I feel is a massive step up from the previous models in terms of wearability, upgrades to the movement, and the bracelet. I’ve had it for just over a year now, and it still brings a smile when I look at it on my wrist as it brings out the sentimentality around it. As impossible as it sounds, if I ever had to go down to a one-watch collection, I think this would be it for me.”

Shanka’s other most frequently worn watch is the Tudor Black Bay 58 in navy blue, a watch I also own. “Honestly, the Tudor Black Bay 58 is one of the best watches out there both in terms of versatility and build quality. I wear it on a President-style bracelet that gives it a big bump of vintage looks,” Shanka said. The bracelet happens to be one I sold Shanka in the past, which shows just how small this watch community can be (in the best sort of way!).

Closing thoughts

It was wonderful to catch up with one of readers as part of this feature. Shanka’s journey is a testament to how we can attach meaning and emotional significance to these intricate mechanical objects. By creating memories with them on our wrists, we give them a much deeper meaning than as a simple time-telling device. As for Shanka, he’s looking at a few interesting brands for his next Omega replica watches wholesale. “I’m really happy at the moment (if that’s possible) with my current collection, and I’d like to enjoy wearing them before getting anything significant any time soon. But that doesn’t stop me from making an occasional impulse buy when I see something I really like. There’s so much value out there at the moment with a lot of the vintage reissues from brands like Doxa and Nivada Grenchen.”

1:1 Best Replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches UK — White Dial Vs. Black Dial

Today, Jorg will defend the recently introduced white-dial version of the perfect replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches. In the other corner, Mike will make his case for the traditional black-dial Moonwatch in today’s battle. In the end, you get to decide the winner, so let’s get going!

Within the world of Fratello, this is probably the most epic battle you will ever see. As the home of Speedy Tuesday, this showdown will divide people deeply. Expect to see a life-or-death battle that will have devastating long-term effects. What does it come down to? A preferred dial color. While that might seem trivial to outsiders, it is a serious matter in the watch universe. The choice is as simple as it is divisive. Will you go for the classic Moonwatch, the modern version of the top Omega fake watches that went to the Moon? Or will you choose the “Daniel Craig” that popped up on the wrist of the former 007 actor?

Jorg: The white-dial Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

A glimpse of Daniel Craig’s wrist at the Planet Omega exhibition in New York last November sent the watch world into a frenzy. What Speedmaster was on the wrist of the former on-screen secret agent? At first, people thought it was the brilliant high quality UK replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches in Canopus Gold. But the dial was too white, and there was a hint of red on it, steering people in a different direction. As we know now, it was the new white-dial Moonwatch that came out two weeks ago.

Robert-Jan wrote an extensive review of the new Speedmaster, explaining all the details. I suggest you read that story if you want to know the nitty-gritty of the new Moonwatch. And if you are interested in the black-dial version of the current Speedy that came out in 2021, Robert-Jan also has you covered. For this battle, Mike and I don’t want to “bore” you with specs as these two cheap Omega copy watches are the same. No, we’ll focus on why we’d pick one over the other, trying to win you over based on personal sentiment.

There is something about white-dial Speedmasters…

It seems like all we have to do in this battle is choose our favorite dial color. But doing so is not just a matter of the color itself for me. If you know me, I prefer black dials over white dials 99 out of 100 times. That’s not it. It’s all about context. The truth is that I love the unexpected when it comes to AAA online Omega Speedmaster replica watches. While I love the story and the current black-dial Moonwatch’s looks, there is nothing visually exciting about its dial’s presence. When Omega introduced the current Moowatch in 2021, we all agreed it was a huge improvement over the previous generation. And I felt the same. I love that watch, and it is still on my want list.

But I’ve always felt that the black-dial Speedmaster Professional is perhaps a bit too predictable, which, visually, makes it a bit boring. Sure, I understand its historical significance and the story it tells. If that is the reason that you want a Speedmaster, by all means, that is the one to go for. I won’t debate that second. But if you want the brilliance of the current-generation Moonwatch with an added visual sparkle, the new white-dial version is the one to go for. It is visually more striking than its black-dial sibling. The new luxury fake Omega watches proves what I have thought for a long time: white-dial Speedmasters are a lot more exciting to see than the original Moonwatch.

White Speedmasters have been the visual highlights over the years

Some of you will know that my favorite Speedmaster in terms of looks is the 2008 limited-edition Speedmaster Alaska Project with its fully white dial. That is an absolute stunner that showed me the tremendous potential of a white-dial Speedmaster. Another favorite is the much-desired Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award from 2015, which I adore. These two Swiss made Omega super clone watches were not just brilliantly executed limited editions, but they also proved that white-dial Speedies were more visually exciting than any black-dial limited editions that came out before and after them.

Going even further back, there is also the Speedmaster “Albino” for the Italian market to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Speedmaster, as RJ explained. It’s more proof that white works well as a dial color for the Speedmaster Professional. Considering that all these models sell at steep premiums on the pre-owned market, it seems that the fans agree with me. So, like so many Speedy lovers, I was excited to see the new white-dial version. Once it was unveiled, I was happy to see how brilliant it turned out to be.

The story of the new white-dial Omega Speedmaster “Daniel Craig”

As the Moonwatch is debatably the greatest storyteller in watch history, Omega had to develop a story for the latest version and, more specifically, the white dial. According to Omega, the dial color is inspired by the white suits of the astronauts that were used during extravehicular activity (EVA), and the red “Speedmaster” printing is supposedly a nod to the protective case of the Alaska Project. While these are nice references to create a cohesive marketing story, they likely won’t win people over on their strength alone. No, more importantly, the execution of this best quality replica Omega watches is what makes it a stunner that people will favor over its older brother.

The white varnished and lacquered dial looks super crisp, with the step down to the minute track and the circular graining in the sub-dials easily visible. It creates the depth and detail that the white-dial Speedy needs. Additionally, the brand did well in contrasting the dial with diamond-polished black PVD hands and markers treated with white Super-LumiNova. Not only do these elements contrast nicely with the dial, but they also correspond with the black bezel perfectly. Furthermore, the red “Speedmaster” text gives the watch a nice sparkle of color. With these elements, the white-dial wholesale fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches has the visual brilliance it needs to be the preferred pick. And it works for me. It is my preference in a world where I still want both. What about you, Mike? Will you buy a white-dial Speedy?

Mike: The black-dial Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

First of all, a very happy Sunday to all of you. It’s nice to be back in the ring for one of our Sunday Morning Showdowns! When the question went out to the team asking who was interested in taking a side in the black/white Moonwatch contest, I quickly raised my hand. Surprisingly, though, the sole condition for my participation was the ability to support Team Black. Why is that so surprising? Well, if you’ve listened to any Fratello On Air episodes, you’d know that one of my recurring wishes has been for a serial-production white-dial China 2024 replica Omega Speedmaster Professional watches. Well, as they say here in Old Blighty, “bish bash bosh,” or “Bob’s your uncle.” In other words, case closed. Well, not so fast.

The white Speedy is not for me

When it comes to watches, I’ll quote one of my favorite bands, Depeche Mode, by saying, “Everything Counts in Large Amounts.” It’s here that the white Speedy falters for me. The idea of white Swiss movements fake Omega Speedmaster Professional watches is intoxicating, but the fact that Omega is only offering it as a sapphire sandwich falls flat — erm, glossy — with me. It’s too damn luxe, and while I get that a sapphire crystal is the way to go from a marketing perspective, why not also offer Hesalite? But hey, I own a couple of Speedies with sapphire crystals, and to be fair, they’re nice enough.

So, the crystal annoys me, but I can see past that (I’m on a roll today). The dial on the white Speedy pushes me over the edge. I’ve seen more than my share of pictures in different lights and even copped a view here in the local AD. My main issue with the white online replica Omega Moonwatches is its glossy dial. I had my heart set on a matte version with printed black Super-LumiNova (it’s been done on the Dark Side of the Moon ref. 311. Instead, we have a more luxurious version of the Speedmaster Professional with applied indices and a fancy-pants dial. Oh, and lest I forget, there’s the red “Speedmaster” wording. Again, I understand the desire to zoot up this new Speedy to take on fancier competition, but it’s not my type of Moonwatch. I’m full of adages today, and, folks, when I see the newest Speedy, I’d say that’s not how we play cricket.

Why the black Speedmaster rules them all

We don’t need to argue that 99% of us no longer use our tool watches for anything other than telling the time. Still, there’s something special about a watch that blends a great story with a wonderfully functional design. While now thoroughly modern, the black-dial Speedy Pro is about as analog as it gets today. And frankly, I love it. Its printed matte dial, white detailing, and acrylic crystal combine to form perfection. When I say it like that, perhaps the image of a semi-rough-and-ready Moonwatch is so imprinted on my brain that the white version never had a fighting chance in the battle for Speedmaster supremacy. Plus, let’s address the elephant in the room. This is the Moonwatch.

Making a choice

When my podcast co-host Balazs recently visited the Miami Omega boutique, he asked the sales manager if he thought that the white Moonwatch would serve as first Omega Speedmaster fake watches for men or a second, and he received an interesting reply. After some thought, the manager felt that it would be more popular as an addition to an existing collection of Speedmasters. I think that’s appropriate, and it’s consistent with my feelings too. The white-dial Speedmaster is a welcome addition to the lineup, and perhaps it will reel in some customers who don’t own an Omega. However, when choosing only one Speedy, there is no competition in my mind. The original black Moonwatch is the answer.

Why Ed White Wore Two Perfect Swiss Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches UK During His Spacewalk

You’re probably familiar with astronaut Ed White, who performed NASA’s first spacewalk in 1965 as part of the Gemini IV mission. In the pictures of that spacewalk, you can see him wearing two best UK Omega replica watches.

Unfortunately, Ed White died in a fatal accident with Apollo 1. His name will live forever, though, as the first NASA astronaut to “walk” in space. As a member of the Apollo 1 crew, White should have launched into space once more on February 21st, 1967. However, during a test on January 27th, he and fellow crew members Grissom and Chaffee all died in a horrible fire in the command module.

Speedmaster collectors often mention Ed White’s name when talking about the Speedmaster ref. 105.003. This is the Speedmaster model that Ed White wore during his Gemini IV flight and spacewalk, and it was also on his wrist during that fatal accident. A few questions arise when seeing Ed White wearing two Speedmasters over his spacesuit. Why did he wear two cheap 1:1 Omega fake watches, which specific watches did he wear, and where are they now?

Speedmaster “Ed White” 105.003

With the help of Omega and the brand’s access to the NASA archives, we’ll try to answer those questions. Although people have made many assumptions on this topic, it is good to have our research fact-checked by Omega (and, through Omega, by NASA).

The Speedmaster ref. 105.003 was the watch that NASA tested and qualified for all manned space missions in 1965. NASA initially received three of these watches for testing. After the qualification, Omega sent another batch of 24 high quality replica Omega Speedmaster 105.003 watches. Later on, NASA also ordered the Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012 and 145.012 references for use during the Apollo missions. The 105.003, however, was still in use at the same time as the 105.012 and 145.012. Consequently, all three references saw action until the end of the Apollo missions.

Speedmaster 105.003-63

Omega confirmed that both AAA online Omega copy watches on astronaut Ed White’s wrist during the Gemini IV mission are Speedmaster 105.003-63 references. One of them was Ed White’s training watch, and, according to NASA’s former engineer James H. Ragan, “It was one of the first Speedmasters to be delivered after the tests performed by NASA.” The training watch was later sold by Ed White’s son to a collector in Japan. The late Chuck Maddox wrote about this on his website.

We know that the other 105.003-63 watch was destroyed in the tragic Apollo 1 fire. That top Omega replica watches had NASA’s internal serial number S/N 5 and reference code CF5503 engraved on the left side of the case. On the case back, it was engraved with SEB1210039-001.

NASA engravings

With the 105.012 and 145.012 references, the NASA number changed from -001 to -002, and the CF5503 coding was shelved. Interestingly, the CF5503 engraving was originally meant for Gemini missions. The SEB1210039-001/002 engraving was for Apollo missions. The luxury Omega super clone watches used for Gemini, which only had CF5503 originally, later got an additional SEB1210039-001 engraving. These codes were internal references or product numbers for identification. Every piece of equipment NASA used was labeled and categorized similarly.

Omega serial numbers

That answers the question of what happened to these two Swiss made replica Omega Speedmaster 105.003-63 watches. Unfortunately, that means it is difficult to find out the exact Omega serial numbers of these watches. We do, however, know roughly where those serial numbers would have fallen. From the archives, we can tell that the serial numbers would have started with 20,252,6xx. The last two digits seem likely to remain unknown.

The other astronaut on Gemini IV was the command pilot James A. McDivitt, who would go on to become the commander of Apollo 9. McDivitt also wore a Speedmaster during the Gemini IV mission. It was a ref. 105.003-63 with NASA’s S/N 4, CF5503, and SEB1210039-001 engraved. This Omega fake watches for men is now part of the Smithsonian’s collection in the USA. The Omega serial number of this watch is also in the 20,252,6xx range. Interestingly, astronaut Frank Borman also used this particular watch during Gemini VII.

Why Ed White wore two watches

According to NASA’s former engineer James H. Ragan, astronauts kept track of not only the mission time but also their home (Houston) time. The same applied to Ed White during his 23-minute spacewalk in 1965. Swiss movements replica Omega Speedmaster 105.003-63 watches indicated the mission time of Gemini IV, while the other one indicated Houston time.

According to space-watch buff Philip Corneille, founder of Moon Watch Universe, both Gemini IV astronauts James McDivitt and Ed White wore two Omega Speedmaster chronographs. It was the first mission with two control centers, Launch Control Florida and Mission Control Texas.