The new black: understanding Cheap Replica Omega’s new Dark Side of the Moon Speedmasters

It began in 2013, with the Replica Omega Speedmaster  Dark Side of the Moon – a bold new take on Omega’s most famous chronograph that saw it cased not in steel, or even gold, but black ceramic. Now, it seems the Moon has many sides…

replica Omega Dark Side of the Moon 2015 Variants

The Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon was a slightly unexpected hit. The last few years have seen a proliferation of black-on-black watches from Hublot to Girard-Perregaux and everyone in between, and yet the Dark Side of the Moon managed to stand out; both for its boldness in taking such a well-known reference as its canvas, and the weighty quality and clarity which with it was executed.

This year, Omega replica watches uk announced four new aesthetic iterations on the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon, with names that are, frankly, as opaque as their namesake. We’ve picked out the key details and differences for each.

Replica omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “Vintage Black”


First up is the “Vintage Black”. That’s not too hard to understand, as a name: the hour, minute and seconds markers, tachymeter scale, chronograph subdials and indeed all other dial text have all been given a yellowed “Vintage” luminova treatment. The case, dial and clasp are all black ceramic Zirconium Oxide (hence the ZrO2 inscription just above the centre of the dial). The case and bezel have a brushed finish, while the dial has a laser-ablated matt finish, with “blackened applied subdial rings”. To complete the vintage look, it comes on a distressed brown leather strap (which is nevertheless lined with rubber, for longevity).

Omega replica Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “Sedna Black”



Next we have the Replica Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “Sedna Black” – the flashiest of the new references. Sedna refers to Sedna Gold, Omega’s proprietary rose gold alloy. It’s roughly 75% gold, 1-2% palladium (for strength) and about 20% copper, for colouring. The name comes from the planetoid Sedna, the most distant identified object in our solar system, which it turns out is also known for being the reddest object in the solar system.

So, when Sedna meets the Dark Side of the Moon, this is what you get: a black ceramic case with a brushed gold bezel, black ceramic bezel insert with matt chromium nitride tachymeter numerals, and Sedna gold hands and hour indexes. The hour markers, hands and dots at 12 o’clock are all coated with the same “vintage” luminova as the Speedmaster DSoM “Vintage Black”, and last but not least, all the dial text and minute/second tracks are laser ablated in relief from the matt grey dial.

Omega replica Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “Pitch Black”


This is where the new Omega replica watches nomenclature begins to split hairs. Welcome to the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “Pitch Black”. As with the “Vintage Black”, the case, bezel, dial and clasp are all black ceramic. It’s got the blackened applied subdials of the “Vintage Black” as opposed to the laser-ablated dial of the “Sedna Black”; the key difference here is the use of traditional white-green luminova on everything: the hands, the chronograph hands (which are actually white underneath the lume), the hour indexes and the tachymetre bezel. The “Pitch Black” comes on a black leather strap with white stitching.

Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “Black Black”

Omega-Dark-Side-of-the-Moon-Black-BlackWhat’s blacker than pitch black? After some head-scratching, Omega’s branding department came up with… “Black Black”. So, this is the Batman-friendly, none-more-black, so-black-they-named-it-twice Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “Black Black”. The “Black Black” looks at the “Pitch Black” and thinks ‘you call that black?’ Everything is black ceramic, and for a more ‘special ops’ type feel, it comes on a black nylon strap rather than leather. The dial finish is laser-applied to give some differentiation between text and background, and to allow you to actually see the minute and second markers, and chronograph subdial markers.

The Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “Black Black” is actually – perhaps fittingly – more legible at night, thanks to the presence of black superluminova on the hour indexes, all the hands, and the two dots at 12 o’clock.

All Dark Side of the Moon Speedmasters are variants of the same two register Speedmaster, with the Omega co-axial 9300 caliber and silicon balance spring. It’s a twin-barrel, 60-hour power reserve, column-wheel chronograph – not the manual-winding caliber of the “true” Moon replica Omega watches, but a whole lot of horology for your money. They are all water-resistant to 50m and all measure 44.25mm in diameter.

The other side of the story

After the Dark Side of the Moon, of course, also came the Grey Side of the Moon. While it wasn’t as impactful as the Dark Side – suffering slightly from ‘second album syndrome’ – it made a certain degree of sense. Pushing on with the research into coloured ceramics was only to be expected, and the attention to detail has been retained with the sandblasted platinum dial and blue luminova.

This year, as well as the various “Black” editions, Omega has released the Speedmaster White Side of the Moon. It’s fair to say this wasn’t entirely expected. Whereas the Dark and Grey sides of the moon Replica Omega Classic watches use heat-treated ceramic to gain their respective colours, the White Side of the Moon is essentially the raw, untreated and uncoloured version.


Specification-wise, it too is the same as the original Dark Side of the Moon, using the same co-axial column-wheel chronograph calibre 9300. It’s the same size, the same water-resistance and the same two-register layout. But it could hardly be more of a departure stylistically. The hour indexes are 18k white gold, as are the central hour and minute hands. The red “Speedmaster” text is retained from the Dark Side of the Moon, and the tachymetre bezel uses the same laser-engraved matt finish chromium nitride as the original, as well.


The Speedmaster White Side of the Moon comes on a white leather strap, similar in style to the black leather strap of the “Sedna Black” edition, with red stitching on the inside to match the “Speedmaster” dial text. Whether this is destined to be as well-received as the Dark Side of the Moon, time will tell. It’s certainly evidence that Omega replica watches is keen to push the aesthetic applications of their experiments with ceramic as far as possible, and it may well be that we haven’t seen the last colour variant in this family. Does the Moon have a blue side?

Omega Speedmaster ‘Tropical’ Brown Dial Vintage Replica Watches Explained

From roughly 1957 to 1965, a flaw in the manufacturing process of black dials used on the Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional line of watches resulted in the occasional fading of the dial to a shade of brown, sometimes described as “tropical brown” or “chocolate.” Long sought after by collectors, anyone who has looked into purchasing a used Omega Speedmaster Professional will be familiar with their extraordinary prices in relation to non-faded pieces. What caused this defect, and what underlies the huge premiums required to bring one of these watches into your collection? Let’s find out.

Replica Omega Speedmaster

According to Jack Khorsandi, owner of the Los Angeles vintage Omega boutique Jackmond, the fading is a defect caused by the process of dial making during the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. To prevent black dials from fading and losing their vibrancy, a chemical coating was applied to dials before they left the factory, but ironically, after five or so years, in rare cases, the opposite of the intended occurred: the chemical coating reacted with the dial and allowed for faster than normal fading.

Though most prominently associated with Omega Speedmaster Professionals, the fading was not limited to just this model nor to just Omega; Rolex watches from this time period have also been known to fade in a similar way. What is not entirely clear is whether this defect was limited to just Swiss replica Omega watches manufacturers or if it extended out further. It could very well be the case that by the time the process was learned by non-Swiss manufacturers, the defect had been discovered and the chemical coating process was redesigned.

Replica Omega Speedmaster

The “tropical brown” description is rooted in the fact that much of the fading is brought about by prolonged exposure to sunlight. In Switzerland, which is far from the sunny equator, the fading was less noticeable than in countries nearer to it. Thus, “tropical” was used as a descriptor since so many of the Omega Speedmaster “tropical brown” dial watches came from warm regions close to the earth’s zero degree latitude where the sun’s prominence revealed the flaw.

Collectors have been lured to the watches by their rarity and the striking beauty of an Omega Speedmaster Professional Replica “tropical brown,” especially when paired with a strap that compliments or matches the dial’s rich hues. For better or worse, speculators have also been lured to the watches due to their rarity and the perception that the defect will only make the watches more desirable in years to come and return a tidy profit for anyone wise enough to buy now and hold.



Looking at historic sales data for all series of Omega Speedmaster Replica watches on online auction site between December 2014 and March 2015, on average, the Replica Omega Speedmaster “tropical brown” dial color sold for 124 percent more than did watches with a black dial. When filtering for just the Omega Replica Speedmaster Professional that premium jumps up to 334 percent, with an average price for a Omega Replica Speedmaster Professional “tropical brown” topping out at $8,550. The average price of a Omega Replica Speedmaster Professional “tropical brown,” regardless of series, is $4,333.

Whether or not the get-rich-slowly schemes of the speculators will pan out is yet to be seen, but this thinking does go a long way in explaining the huge premiums Omega Speedmaster Professional “tropical brown” dial watches can garner (as mentioned above). What is clear is that due to varying valuations based on the desirability of different shades of brown, watch condition, and the inflation of the market for these Replica Omega De Ville watches fueled by speculation, only a well-researched and committed collector should consider adding one of these rare timepieces to their collection.

If looking at examples of Omega Speedmaster “tropical brown” dials has not convinced you that you need to add one to your collection, take a look at the Omega Speedmaster Mark II. The average price for these was $2,225 for the same time period as the data above and only represents a 27 percent premium over Omega Speedmaster Mark II Replica watches with a black dial.

There is less of a speculative opportunity with this series, but if you like the Replica Omega Speedmaster Mark II and are looking for an interesting addition to your collection, the Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional “tropical brown” version may be worth looking into, especially if you have a nice brown leather strap laying around that needs something to pair with it.

Reviews Omega Replica Speedmaster Mark II Two-Tone Sedna Gold Watches UK

While I preferred the more traditional black and white dial, Omega released two other versions last year including the Omega Replica Speedmaster Mk II grey and orange “racing dial” as well as the limited edition Rio 2016 Olympics model with the gold, bronze, and silver colored subdials. Apparently, the “new” Omega Speedmaster Mark II proved so popular that Omega decided it was time for a steel and gold two-tone model – which is exactly what we get for 2015 with the Omega Replica Speedmaster Mark II Co-Axial Chronograph Sedna Gold watch.

Quite literally, the Omega Speedmaster Mk II Sedna Gold is exactly what you love about the all-steel Omega Speedmaster Mk II – but just blingier. That there just turned off a large percentage of you (Speedmaster folk tend to be tool watch purists), but perhaps, just enough of you perked up a bit and got excited at the notion of more 18k Sedna gold in your watch diet.

Omega today is an incredibly diverse brand, offering everything from the king of all tool Omega replica watches (the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch) to tourbillons and classic models covered with diamonds. Most people have probably never seen the brand’s more “decadent” fare which is rather rare and, for 2015, happens to include an assortment of Ploprof watches set with precious stones with prices all over $800,000. More on those another time… Omega does seem to like offering their dive watch in the most expensive clothing options.

Replica Omega Speedmaster UK

Going back to the 2015 Omega Speedmaster Mk II Sedna Gold, we have something a lot more “mainstream” which reminds me of watch tastes over in Texas. Houston also happens to be the home of NASA – which, while being Speedmaster central, is not without its love of gold (which includes gold Speedmasters). So for all those tool-watch-loving guys who nevertheless enjoy some riches on their wrist, Omega offers up this two-tone version of one of our favorite modern Replica Omega Speedmaster watches (which doesn’t really narrow it down much, given that there are perhaps too many modern Speedmasters that we really like).

At 43mm wide, the Omega Speedmaster Mk II modernizes the original Mark II collection from the 1970s with a slightly larger size, modern bracelet, and contemporary Omega caliber 3330 automatic chronograph movement. This movement is partially in-house made and includes a co-axial escapement as well as some silicon parts. The 3330 movement is further COSC Chronometer certified and, in my opinion, is one of the best values in the brand’s line-up (at least when it comes to all-steel models). My only gripe with the 3330 is that in order to quick set the date you need to use the in-set case pusher on the left of the case. Otherwise, the Omega Speedmaster Mk II is a rather perfect Omega replica watch.

Some of the sober tool watch looks of the all steel Omega Speedmaster Mark II are altered in this two-tone model because the gold elements are polished versus brushed. This mainly applies to the center links on the bracelet. Gold is also used for the crown and chronograph pushers. We are talking about Omega’s 18k Sedna gold – which is their version of Rolex’s Everose gold. These are alloys of 18k rose gold whose colors do not fade over time as the material wears.

The gray dial of this Omega Speedmaster Mark II Sedna is similar to that of the gray and orange model, but without the orange, and with gold-toned rings around the subsidiary dials. Also notice some gold color used for the text on the tachymeter scale. Don’t forget that the scale is placed a bit over the dial, under the sapphire crystal and has luminant applied to the back of it. This is, perhaps, the most well-lumed tachymeter scale ever.

On the wrist, the Omega Speedmaster Mark II’s tonneau-style case and bracelet fit like a glove – offering a sublimely comfortably wearing experience. This is even though the case is on the thicker side. Don’t forget that Omega includes a still-new micro-adjusting deployant clasp on the bracelet which allows you to extend or shorten the bracelet in small millimeter-sized portions.

Part of me wonders what this version of the Omega Speedmaster Mark II watch would look like if Omega decided to go for a black versus gray dial. Sure, it would have a slightly more severe look, but I think it would have been interesting – certainly more bold. As is, the gray of the dial softens the look, making it a bit more fashionably versatile. It also adds an interesting, almost retro appeal to the color palette.

If you really like the new Swiss Omega replica watches reissued Omega Speedmaster Mark II Co-Axial Chronograph but find the all-steel models just a tad bit too pedestrian, then this two-tone model in steel with 18k Sedna gold might just be the appropriate model for you. You will, however, pay for the privilege, as gold isn’t cheap. Price for this reference 032720435001001 Omega Replica Speedmaster Mark II Co-Axial Chronograph Sedna Gold watch is $11,400 – which is close to double that of the all-steel model.